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Burnout: Prevention is Better than Suffering


Burnout is a horrible word. We associate it with people who can no longer perform, who are “burned out” and too weak for our society. Experts agree that humans are exposed to permanent mental stress in our accelerated society. We have to keep adapting to new expectations and to fight with time pressure, and we suffer from information overload. Why do some of us cope with that so easily? Why do others come unstuck with their own to-do list?

Every tenth person suffers – usually silently

Actually, we’re doing really well: Our life expectancy was never higher, medical care never better, access to education never more comprehensive, and the annual leave guaranteed by law never longer. We have reached a level of prosperity that is unique in the history of Austria. Even so, some 900,000 Austrians (cf. antiburnoutcare.at) give up in the face of typical burnout symptoms every year: emotional exhaustion, neglect of own needs, behavioural changes, inner emptiness, withdrawal, breakdown.

Self-help is usually the most effective

Burnout patients are dependent on professional help from outside, but more often than not the people affected lack awareness of the problem. The insight that we have landed in a blind alley. The knowledge that we have to reconsider and change the way we work and our lifestyle.

Reports by burntout patients

Testimonials and studies show that endurance sports can improve burnout symptoms - sometimes even in patients for whom medication alone was not sufficient. Sports have become part of everyday life for many former burnout patients.

Yoga, meditation, dancing: Feeling integrated in a larger context of meaning usually leads to a stronger self esteem. It is easier to cope with stress situations.

Icelanders and Waldorf teachers have something in common: They withdraw from their jobs for several weeks in order to pursue a more independent lifestyle. This form of self-determination and concentration on only a few activities enhances our life satisfaction.

Permanent loneliness often triggers anxiety disorders. Laughing, love and pleasure, on the other hand, are our permanent energy motor.

All good things come from inside

Of course, like with many other complaints, supporting burnout prophylaxis also comes mainly from inside

Lecithins lead to production of the calming neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the body. Acetylcholine promotes concentration, improves stress tolerance and enables relaxation.

Anti-stress plants such as ginkgo, ginseng and shizandra support the body at times of fatigue, overload and stress.

AKG (alpha-ketoglutaric acid), iron, copper, niacin, vitamin B6, B12 and biotin are the energy turbo for brain and muscle cells.

B vitamins relax the nervous system.

Burnout always seems to come overnight. It is a creeping process that announces itself step by step, and it is up to us to recognise these steps in time.

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